Empowering influencers, teachers and students in post-conflict areas for a brighter future. 


Children are the first victims of war.  

Education does not cause wars, nor does it end them. It contributes to the factors that underlie conflict and also has the potential to play a significant role both directly and indirectly in building peace, restoring countries to a positive development path and reversing the damage wrought by conflict. Early investment in post-conflict education is an essential prerequisite for sustainable peace.



 27 million

Over 27 million children around the world remain out of school in conflict areas.




50% of the world's 27 million out-of-school children are of primary age.



61% of refugee children attend primary school.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We focus on post conflict areas and provide temporary support until external stakeholders enable stability.  We collaborate with local communities, leaders and other nonprofits in strengthening educational programs using a holistic approach.

We focus on K-6 literacy and numeracy skills while providing supplies, sustenance programs, and teacher support.